The Studio.

Tone City is a uniquely warm and musical recording studio designed by owner, producer/mixer Sam Ford. Built in the comfort of a relaxed homely environment, the studio is packed with state of the art equipment and housed within beautifully sounding acoustic spaces to capture the greatest sound possible.

Adding to this, what sets the studio apart is the sound character and feel of the rooms, perfectly balanced between the natural cedar that cover the walls and the deep absorbent bass trapping behind. Creating a very balanced, warm and musical space for recording and listening.

"Having over 15 years experience in the music industry, both as a musician and producer, I feel I have a very efficient and relatable approach to the recording process. As a musician I understand the weight of putting your music out there, the stresses involved with trying to represent your sound as honestly as possible and the amount of effort that goes on behind the scenes. I think this gives me an advantage when assisting an artist to reach there ultimate goal or when finding the right direction in the mix".

"I built Tone City to be a studio where artists could feel at home.
Relaxed with a great feel and flow, ensuring a comfortable environment for making music".

The Equipment.

The studio is home to an assortment of vintage flavoured analog outboard gear and instruments, including EMI, Chandler Limited (Abbey Road), Mercury Audio, Gibson, Toneking, Mellotron and more. Tone city's list of microphones includes vintage and modern classics like the EMI Redd 47 valve mic, AKG D19 and Akg D12s from the 60's, Coles 4038 as well as other standards including Shure, Sennheiser and many others.

"With a no-compromise approach to the studio's sound and equipment.
I wanted to bring the features of a classic recording studio into a homely environment".

Incorporated in the space is a very comfortable and generous lounge and bar area. Perfect for listening back on tracks, working on parts or putting your feet up between takes.